Expo Air Tower

For successful outdoor and indoor events

The Expo Air Tower is branding your outdoor or indoor event and is attracting visitors.  Expo Air Towers are transported in a compact bag which can be easily stored. At the event venue you have to just unzip the bag and Plug the wire to the electric connection, which makes the blower machine start and within few seconds the prominent billboard stands by itself.

Expo Air Tower is available in 2 different models /Sizes. Special Sizes are also available upon request. For changing messages you can add a compartment on top the Air Tower. This compartment is attached to the main compartment with a zipper.

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Inflatable Display Tower
Inflatable Display Tower
Inflatable outdoor display
Inflatable Tower Outdoor


  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Transport:
  • Setup time:
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  • Inflatable in less than a minute
  • High attraction value
  • Different sizes available

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