Expo MiniTruss Corner stand 300x240cm

Fast and easy to set up

Have a look at the beautiful appearance of this Expo MiniTruss corner stand! 

It is created using two Expo MiniTruss frames which are joined together, but which can also be used separately. This corner stand is perfect for creating smaller exhibition stands. Modern, flexible, and budget friendly.

Expo MiniTruss is produced from a lightweight yet very strong synthetic material which is reinforced with aluminum. This makes Expo MiniTruss very stable and durable. The material is colored through and through in an elegant carbon-grey color, which insures that even after long and heavy use the material keeps on looking as if it is new.

Expo MiniTruss stands and portable displays are easy and fast to set up and simple to transport in bags or cases. After unpacking the parts, you install it by screwing the “cubes” by hand onto the frames, using the large knobs (see video). No tools are required here! 

In just minutes you mount the parts into larger frames. Than you place the full color printed fabrics and tighten them with the special clips. Now your booth is ready and you just have to put on the LED lights to let the show begin.

Full color printed fabric in dye sublimation for the best end result

How your booth will look is for a large part the result of the quality of the printed fabrics. This is why we only use the best materials and printing techniques to create these. We print our fabrics on a special, B1 fire resistant, fabric and print this using a dye-sublimation technique. This assures you brilliant colors, crispy texts and beautiful images.

Besides this size, we can supply you Expo MiniTruss stands in many different sizes and shapes. Contact us for advice, a design or a customized quotation!


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€ 1.485,00


  • Dimensions:240x300x240cm (HxBxD)
  • Weight:
  • Transport:Transport bag or case (optional)
  • Setup time:20 minutes
  • Template download
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  • Lightweight
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Flexible and modular
  • Durable and strong
  • 10 years warranty

Standard delivery contents

Expo MiniTruss corner stand 300x240 (WxD) incl. 2 full color printed fabrics with clips produced in dye sublimation on B1 fire resistant fabric. Counter and round header are not included but can be ordered separately

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