Expo MiniTruss portable display 240x240cm

Easy and fast to set up - modular to expand

Expo MiniTruss portable displays are manufactured from a special plastic which is reinforced with aluminium. Therefore, Expo MiniTruss portable displays are not only very lightweight but very strong and stable as well. The plastic is colored though and through in a nice and neutral  carbon-grey color. This guarantees you a new look even after extensive use. No scratches and damages!

Expo Truss is very simple in transportation and easy to set up without any tools. You erect your display or exhibition stand by screwing the corner pieces (cubes) with the large knobs (simply by hand) on to the MiniTruss elements. The MiniTruss elements are available in any size between 10cm and 2 meters (sizes per 10cm)

Different MiniTruss elements you connect with a connector / screw to create long structures and frames. Without any tools and within minutes you create an attractive carbon-grey structure which forms the base for a full color printed graphic on (light block) fabric. This graphic you connect with special clips into the MiniTruss structure. Now you just have to attach your spotlights and your show can begin!

Top Quality fabric, printed in High Resolution Dye Sublimation

The image of your portable display is for a large part formed by the quality of your graphics. This is the reason why we only work with the best fabrics which hang perfectly nice and flat in the MiniTruss structure. We print these fabrics in High Resolution dye-sublimation for the most durable and best result. 

For fire-security reasons (this is getting more and more important on many European shows) we use fabric which is B1 certified (fire-resistant).

In this webshop we offer you a limited number of the most popular configurations with MiniTruss. If you however require a different configuration (remember that Expo MiniTruss is unlimited modular!) please send us a mail or drawing and we will send to you an offer within 24 hours.

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€ 795,00


  • Dimensions:240x240cm
  • Weight:
  • Transport:Transport bag (optional)
  • Setup time:10 minutes
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  • Lightweight
  • Easy andd fast to assemble
  • Flexible and modular
  • Very durable
  • 10 years warranty
  • Neutral Carbon Grey color

Standard delivery contents

Portable display 240x240cm incl. full color print in dye-sublimation, connection clips and 2 stabilization feet.

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