Expo Stretch Wall 220 VC

Lightweight portable display with a unique look

We offer you portable displays in many sizes and shapes. And most of our portable displays are offered in both flat and curved versions. 

This Expo Stretch Wall VC however is different. Although also this portable display is curved, it is curved vertically. This creates a unique and distinctive look. Which brings more attention to your message!

Lightweight and fast to set up portable display

Just like our other portable displays, Expo Stretch Wall VC is lightweight, easy and fast to set up. In just 10 minutes you’ll have your display ready for action. This makes it ideal for exhibitions, conventions, presentations and events.

Expo Stretch Wall VC contents an aluminum pipe frame. The different parts are interconnected with an elastic cord to make life easy for you. You just have to click the parts together and connect the stabilization feet. Now you can unfold the printed stretch fabric and slide it over the frame. Once in position, you zip lock it to fix it and let the show begin!

For the best result, we advise you to use this portable display with two LED spots which can be ordered separately.

Wrinkle-free fabric with zipper and single sided or double sided print

The print of the Expo Stretch Wall VC is produced using stretch-fabric with a heavy-duty zipper. The fabric is double sided and can be printed on the front side and backside. Standard it is printed on front side only. You simply slide the fabric over the frame and then close the zipper at the bottom side Because of the stretch in the material, the end-result will be sleek and free of wrinkles. 

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Stretch Wall
€ 795,00


  • Dimensions:220x230x50cm (HxWxD)
  • Weight:16 kilo
  • Transport:Transport bag
  • Setup time:10 minutes
  • Template download
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  • Unique en distinctive look
  • Wrinkle-free stretch fabric with zipper
  • Single sided or double sided print
  • Lightweight
  • Set up in just 10 minutes
  • Including transportation bag

Standard delivery contents

Frame 220cm wide incl. full color print front side on stretch fabric with zipper including transportation bag

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